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The Project

The Vinh Son orphanages (VS1-VS6) in and around Kon Tum in Vietnam care for almost eight hundred children.

Most of them come from the surrounding ethnic villages, often found after their families have abandoned them. Their living conditions are spartan, and as all of the six orphanages are wholly reliant on donations, they are continuously in need of money. In April we will be staying in Kon Tum for a month, undertaking various projects dependant on our funds. These could include: building a new bathroom for VS2, funding part of the new classroom for VS5, and several other smaller projects. We will also teach English and assist around the orphanages.

Whats News?
A different way
We've been in Kon Tum now for a little over a week and slowly our plans are coming together...

Back in KonTum on 15th April
Our new website is online, the project planning has started and pretty soon we'll be back in KonTum. If you want to know more about us...

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