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The Project:

We are particularly inspired to help the children in Kon Tum as we see real potential to assist them build a strong future. The orphanages, while structurally in need of maintenance, already have the systems in place to ensure the children receive a school education. In spite of their limitations, they are even able to provide some of the children with the opportunity to continue their studies at university.

Vietnam is a fast developing country. We believe that by improving these orphanages even just a little we can give these children better opportunities and make a real difference in their lives.

The children of Kon Tum are generous, kind-hearted and filled with the desire to learn. They have no physical possessions, but are very giving of their love and attention. All the money you donate will go straight to projects at the orphanages, providing these children with a better chance for their future. We are completely non-profit orientated, and pay for all travel expenses ourselves.
That means 100% of the donations go into projects at the orphanages.

Vinh Son orphanage number 1 is currently in the best condition thanks to the dedicated work of an Italian couple who have spent the last 5 years modernizing the facilities. Ideally the long-term plan is to raise the standard of the other orphanages so they are in line with the VS1.


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A number of projects have previously been undertaken in the orphanages ranging from small tasks to larger construction jobs… Here Stefano is teaching the boys how to play soccer. He bought them each a team shirt and ran training sessions. This small gesture was a big deal for the boys who really enjoyed the feeling of belonging to a proper soccer team.


During our first short stay in KonTum, when we were introduced to the orphanages, we spent our time learning from our local contacts Teresa and Mr. An about the culture and backgrounds of the ethnic groups, meeting other people involved with work at the orphanages, and cleaning and repainting the wall in and outside the babies house in Vinh Son 2. We also fixed some old, rusty playground equipment so that it was safer for the children to use.

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In April we will be returning to Kon Tum for a month, during which time we will undertake various projects. Currently a classroom is being built in VS5 for the children to use as a general study area and for additional language lessons. While some funding has been provided by the government, much more is needed to complete the construction and adequately equip the building. A new bathroom will soon be built in VS2. We will provide the resources and oversee and manage the building process so as to this get the new bathrooms built as quickly as possible.
Dependent on our funds and the needs of the different orphanages, many other opportunities exist. We would like to purchase books to assist the children in their schooling, build a chicken coup for VS2 to improve the children’s diet, and assist in language lessons. We will also be around to help with the day-to-day care of the children and help wherever else we can.

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