The Children of KonTum

Meet some of the kids, read their stories and understand why they are in the orphanages


Birthday: 11-06-2008
He came to the orhanage because
he was one of triplets.
His family was not able to
care for 3 kids so one had to
be given away.

Birthday: 2001
She came to Vinh Son 1 only a few weeks after she was born because her mother died and she was left with her to die as well. The family already had six children.. Fortunately some people from the town found and saved her.



Birthday: 13-10-2005
A-Gnia is living in Vinh Son 2. He was born into a family which already had five children and they had no way to feed another mouth. He is still in the kindergarden and his dream for the future is to become a priest.



Birthday: 31-12-1986
He came to the orphanage when he was 8 for the chance at an education. There was no school in his village, and his parents had no money available for his education. Now he's studying medicine at the university in SaiGon. When he finishes his studies Hon wants to return to VS5, and use his new knowledge to help.

Birthday: 30-06-2006
His father died and his mother has mental problems. Because of this, she is unable to care for him.His mother can't look after herself either, and so she now stays in a workers hut at VS4. Normally Can stays with the other kids at the orphanage, but sometimes when his Mum is feeling well he stays with her. Can doesn't interact with the other kids much, choosing instead to sit by himself in the dirt.

Birthday: 16-02-2001
Xiu's studying in grade 4 in school and wants to bee a teacher one day.
She got brought to VS4 in 2007 when her mother got chronically sick and couldn't look after her anymore.

He came to VS4 9 years ago when his dad died. He's now studying in grade three in school and wants to be a teacher when he's grows up.

His mother died when he was 5 years old. The neighbours family brought him to KonTum when they noticed how unhealthy he was looking.

He is in grade 3 at school now and wants to be a teacher when he grows up...

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